CMPunk joined OT in the summer of 2009/2010. He fades in and out of obscurity often so not a lot of people know who he is. Most of his old friends no longer visit Roblox but he's trying to become active again.

His opinions are pretty trash. He's an extreme Apple fanboy, owning three iPods, five iPhones, an Apple Watch Series Zero, two Macbook Pros, an Apple TV and a random collection of Apple peripherals.

When not on OT, he can be seen playing UD: Westover Islands, Phantom Forces Beta and Saber Wars.

He openly enjoys anime. His favorites include Love Live! School Idol Project, Initial D and Girls und Panzer.

Real Life

Currently, he works for AT&T as a Sales Consultant. His customers constantly mistake him for a girl due to his long hair, naturally long eyelashes, natural hips, curves, and his baby face. Because of this, he often cosplays as girls at conventions.

He lives in Connecticut and is 19 years old.

He drives a 1999 Toyota Camry XLE he constantly talks about. He's apart of his local street racing team, the Myogi NightKids, which is heavily inspired by the Myogi NightKids team in Initial D. It was recently modified with a factory built TRD Supercharger and a Magnaflow 14832 Exhaust. It runs a rebuilt 1MZ-FE with the manual transmission from an LE edition Camry, as the XLE never came with a factory manual option.


CMPunk has received numerous one-day bans for trivial topics and replies to trivial topics, but his most recent ban was a three-day ban for making a tongue-in-cheek joke about the Muunswirl Nude Leak Incident.

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