Intellectual? That's a laugh!


Caketrooper is regarded as one of the most lovable people on the Off Topic Forum. Known for his usually senseless remarks about everything and slight wit and intellect, Caketrooper prefers to mingle with other intellectuals such as Boeing717 and sdfgw. He is usually inaccurately blamed for the termination of Petrikov's main account, and the maybe its gosts fad. He also liked to make harmless jokes against TheRealBetatest123 and vice versa. He claims to be a very special Asian. He is the creator of the OT Bunker that some people still use during site updates.


Caketrooper's first days as an OT'er have unfortunately blurred into history and not much is known about his origins. From 2009-2010 he was a background forumer, following the contemporary pseudo-intellectual trolls of the day such as cnzn. During the whole year of 2011, he went on a hiatus and disappeared from the Off Topic forum and returned in early 2012.

Ships / Bonuses / Marriages due to ID threads and the like

Listed in chronological order:

  • Caketrooper x awesomperson3
  • Caketrooper x DragonOfTime x Microchip559
  • Caketrooper x cnzn
  • Caketrooper x meldo
  • Caketrooper x HeartFairy908909
  • Caketrooper x princessmidna
  • Caketrooper x Fastlane250
  • Caketrooper x Vanilla981

Posting Style

His manner of posts are marked by blank spaces between lines giving his posts a clean, easy to read style, albeit without capitalization.


On 7/7/13 Caketrooper quit OT, although he still visits OT from time to time.

Au Revoir

The first post of the thread


  • Caketrooper entered college at age 16, and is currently studying to become a professional animator.
  • Caketrooper has a Twitter account, a Steam account and a Skype account named alto.clef98.
  • Caketrooper can be found active posting under the screen name altoclef on the forums, a Counter-Strike news site.

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