Calao is an OTer whom is well known. Her original join date is May 11, 2010. She was terminated with 8,044 posts on April 17, 2013.


Calao is said to be 19. She is female and loves A$AP Rocky. Calao lives in the ghetto and has posted pictures of two handguns, which are most likely owned by her. She is believed to have graffitied parts of Roxbury and Worcester, MA. Calao has depression and tried to commit suicide in June. A lot of drama flared up in the forums as a result of this.


She now uses many alts, usually starting with "Calao" and ending with numbers. The picture below is a picture of her older alt, Calao11. Before Calao5 was terminated, Yui810 claimed he was the true owner of the account (along with IDtalk). However, it was not true. For a short period of time, an account named "Laieka" was used as her main before deletion due to a minimod on September 17, 2013. Others, such as Catzilla99, were banned the same day. Her current main is called "conners2".

She is said to be a keylogger and links coming from her are not to be trusted. A common way she keylogs is by sending (fake) free copies of popular games over Skype. She has PGed one account but did not use it for foruming. Calao may have sent RATs (remote access tools) to people to monitor what they were doing, but she has not admitted to it. An OTer (whose name will be protected) once accused her of hacking their computer and leaving empty unidentifiable files named "Program" throughout their task manager on a thread posted in OT. Those files were thought to have been viruses, but nothing has been proven at this point. 


Her main's avatar and post count and join date, before it got terminated