Calculator73 is a male American calculator OTer of Vietnamese heritage who joined ROBLOX on August 20, 2011 and started posting on OT around January 2012. He quit in mid-2013, but came back on August 2014. He is currently active with 23k+ posts. Most of the 2013 OTers who still go on OT today still remember him as a popular OTer. He occasionally goes to a few OT parties if he feels like it. Most people call him "calc," "cal," or "calculator."

OTing Life

When calculator started foruming, he had no idea why the others OTers such as Petrikov disliked him. It was mainly because he looked ODish. He had no idea what ODing even was until months later. He eventually began to change his avatar gradually to its maximum simplicity. He was also a very innocent forumer and took sarcasm as a foreign language.

Nowadays, he eventually got more OTish and later began to fit in with the rest of the OTers. He doesn't really stick out in a unique way; he isn't really known for doing something special except constantly being on the forums since the spring of 2012. He usually makes threads about everyday life and some L2D and Scenario threads, and usually replies with seriousness in people's posts unless he is in a different mood and inserts sarcasm and some humor into his replies.

He also makes number of OT Interactives when he is bored and also simulators. He does not like newbags who already consider themselves OTers, online daters, and spammers.


Calc has a decent amount of friends on ROBLOX especially many OTers. He respects ones such as:

IRL Facts

C73 rarely shares out his personal information to others, but he currently is a Vietnamese TI-83 calculator who lives in the Pacific.

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