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CaptialistKyle02/Camdenw02 is a 10 year old (He actually admitted this) ODer who loves giving v-hugs to his V-GF Hello777

He started normally until he started to V-Hug Hello777 when she said she was queen of OT which means, in Rainbowdash02's words, " you suck Fastlane250's ding-dong (Cock)", he then started to get shipped by PvtBrown0 and his 2 other Alts then all of OT jumped on the bandwagon and CaptialistKyle02 made threads about killing himself, hating himself and stabbing himself with a fork and all OT saw it as was a plead of attention, the attention everyone stopped giving him.

After, he moved on to Camdenw02 where he pretended it wasn't him, for PvtBrown0 got him to admit it where he started to attention whore again.

He also can't take criticism or a joke and anytime it comes up he reports and gets pissy.

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