Chibtrio is a semi-active OTer, who mostly just lurks in OT. This OTer started foruming in OT in late 2014. Not many people know about him. He has about 3400 posts, and has never been banned. (Although he was warned for insulting a weeaboo.)

His primary, "The Boris Johnson Club", is named after the British Mayor of London. The group only has 2 members so far.

Known Alts

  • FeddyFatbear (His opstest alt. (Later renamed to iGenericFashionODer))
  • HeresOneIMadeEarlier (Unused Alt)


  • "I made a new word! It's called plagiarism!"


  • This is his third account, as the first two have been lost in the sands of time. (AKA He forgot the passwords.)
  • People used to obsess over his signature.
  • He appears to despise anime.
  • He owns a secret underground Vivillion breeding farm.

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