masterninja360 (or ClaraTheDragonborn) is a former OTer and ex VGFer, she joined Roblox in December 30 of 2009, she is know for being a big videogame addict and being the official dovahkiin of OT. She began posting on OT in late June of 2012, she stated that a thread in RT introduced her to OT.

Personal Life

masterninja360 was born and raised in Mexico, her real name is Clara. She states that she doesn't have any mental illness; but she has admitted that she has a stage fright in real life. Masterninja360 also has played a lot of videogames since she was young. She played the Nintendo 64 when she was 5, Original Xbox at 8, Xbox 360 at 12, and Xbox One at age 16, her favorite games she played were Fallout 3, Skyrim, Bioshock, Borderlands 2, Majora's Mask, etc. She also confessed that she has a foot fetish.

OT Life

Her first official post was in 2010, she posted something about her roblox not working, and that she was quitting, she later discovered the forums in 2012, she started to post on RT. While foruming in RT, she discovered a thread "RT is Smarter Than OT" followed by a link to a thread of some OTers trying to count to 20. She got used on posting in OT, she has over 13k posts right now, she is also known for being an avid gamer on OT. She hates crapposters and fart threads. Her favorite OTers are StickyNoteBandit, Firekiller, Wraze.

On 7/21/14 masterninja360 changed her name to "ClaraTheDragonborn" because she didn't like naruto around 2011-2014, and she is the dragonborn of OT.

In 9/14/14 she announced her quit thread on OT explained below

List of Alts

masterninja360 has been banned numerous times, so she has made some alts in order to keep up with OT some of her alts are: weegepoi, masterninja360alt, OfficialDragonBorn.

Quitting thread

On 9/14/14 Clara posted a quit thread (seen below) in which she stated that she has been receiving too much attention and she pretty much didn't want it. Also she placed the "Baby Blue" song from Bad Finger in honor of Vince Gilligan's Breaking Bad finale song, which is also baby blue.

After 5 minutes of her quitting OT absurdly exploded with some threads related to her, one of the main ones were the Dream Team threads in which wizardfireugly and shadow97 stated supposedly a "victory"

External Info account -

Youtube account - (masterninja360RBLX)

Steam -

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