"If America is a free country, then anyone can buy it?" ~ CommanderBoomStick

CommanderBoomstick is a current "OTer". He is not that much known throughout OT, but still posts on OT. He has over 500+ posts (12/28/2015). When CommanderBoomstick isnt online on Off Topic, he is usually in a RolePlaying game or building in ROBLOX Studio. He used to have a Roblox account named "flagsag" but it got hacked.


CommanderBoomsticks personality is a mix of "all of the above". He was very "successful" in founding the OT Cooking Show. He is very wacky and zany. He doesn't like to associate with the newbags that think they are "cool". He also doesn't like Undertale and the fanbase too because he says "Undertale is just like Five Nights, it has a cancerous fanbase, but ok graphics."

Other Misc. Content

Miscellaneous content, which would be more detailed about CommanderBoomstick, such as favorite games, groups,..

Favorite Game on Roblox

Any World War 2 RolePlaying game.

Favorite Group on Roblox

CommanderBoomstick claims all groups are good.

Favorite OTer

Claimed to be CommanderBoomstick, a user on Off Topic.

Favorite Catalog Item

A gear that goes by the name "Bluesteel Katana ".

Favorite Possession

His favorite posession are the adurite antlers , a hat in the ROBLOX Catalog.

Favorite Youtube web series/Channel 

CommanderBoomstick favors DHMIS (Dont Hug Me I'm Scared) and Jontron. ( note: CommanderBoomstick doesnt do DHMIS fanart )

Favorite Food

CommanderBoomstick claims to favor the food Cheesecake Pizza.

Least Favorite Game on Roblox

His least favorite game is "Twisted Murderer " where the main objective is to either survive, kill the murderer, or let the murderer kill everyone, with randomized game modes. Least Favorite Group on Roblox- F.E.A.R. or any clothing designers/modeling groups.

Least Favorite Event

He claims that his favorite event would be Christmas 2014, despite its actually for developers, he enjoyed the event.

Least Favorite OTer

The person that looks back at him in the mirror.

Least Favorite Catalog Item

Claims to be the "Robin's Mask ".

Least Favorite Possession

Claims to be the "Knit Hat ".

Least Favorite Youtube Web Series/Channel

Claims to be "Sammyclassicsonicfan " a youtuber that does rants and sometimes adventure-typed videos.

Least Favorite Food

Claims to be "pasta ", so bad as to make him sick to his stomach.

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