coreynj1 is an OT'er who joined OT in January of 2014. He has been foruming for over a year and has gathered over 6000 forum posts and quite a following of frie

nds. He started out as a trashposter, but gradually got better as time went on.

BuildIntoGames Twitter Flamewar

coreynj1 is most notorious for being the one who sparked the infamous Twitter flamewar against BuildIntoGames that occurred last year. Information about this event is here.

Hatred towards loleris

coreynj1's hatred towards loleris is pretty obvious, as he has created numerous threads about it, and even created a Twitter account called BanLolerass purely to bash on loleris.



Trolling & Raiding

coreynj1 is known to start raids, and he can quite often be found trolling. He knows how to filterpass and is quite commonly found doing it in-game.


coreynj1 is also quite infamous for causing religious flamewars. Being an atheist, he likes to bash on other religions for believing in said religions.


He has a pure and utter hatred towards the ROBLOX moderators. He has a few troll alts because of this, and can be found making fun of moderators from time to time.




  • Minecraft
  • Video games
  • Coding
  • Building


  • Majority of "fanbases"
  • FNaF
  • Popular developers
  • ROBLOX moderators
  • Vines

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