cpmoderator12345 is an OTer who created the OT court. He is 11 years old and is a troll on S&I and Scripters.He joined ROBLOX at January 26, 2013, and joined Off Topic at Fall/Winter 2014. (exact month unknown)

He is semi-famous and goes to OT events (i.e. server raids, rushing to the OT bunker). Despite him being a troll, he constantly fights modern feminists, LGBT haters/supporters, furries, bronies, liberals, conservatives, you name it, who cause flame on ROBLOX.

Fun facts

  • Like REDIVIAN, his favorite TV show is Arthur.
  • His appearance during July 2015 was based on the Director of The EPF from Club Penguin(hence his name)
  • The programming languages he knows are: Lua, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, jQuery, Visual Basic, C#, and C++. Also LOLCODE as a joke.

He trolls with the Caramelldansen meme.


He once made an innocent troll in Scripters that turned into a massive flamewar. (That was a follow up to the actual thread)

He also trolls on tumblr as an antifeminist.

As a Frappe double agent

cpmoderator12345 has recently joined frappe as a double agent. His plan is to wreak havoc among Frappe as he gains trust from the Frappe HRs.

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