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Crazycharmanderfan is an active OT'er with over 13k posts. The join date is unknown but it is certain that he joined Off Topic on 2012. He's known for multiple things on the forum. Most people mistook him for a female because he is known for wearing a dress. Thus causing arguments whether if he is indeed a male or female.

Life before Off Topic:

Crazycharmanderfan joined on March 15, 2011. Though he had an account named Charmanderfan1997 before his final account but that account was stolen for unknown reason. He had few Builder clubs which all lasted for a month. He also used to look like a stereotypical OD'er but that obviously changed. He started to forum on 2012, starting with Make a Suggestion subforum. Then it changed to Off Topic.

Fact about Crazycharmanderfan:

1. He is an artist, though most people have mixed opinions on his artworks.

2. His age by 7/12/2016 is 18.

3. His username originated from the fact that he used to be obsessed with Charmander.

4. Regarding the first fact, he also makes inappropriate artworks. Mainly on Twitter.

5. His Twitter is NotaCharmander.

6. Like any other robloxians, he occasionally builds. His current project is

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