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creativefreek is a male boy from Asia, who currently still lives there and he started foruming, by lurking on OT since 2012, and his initial posts started appearing from 2014 July.He is still widely unknown as he never used to post. Referred to as an "Active Lurker."

Roblox History

Creative hasn't done anything big, and spends all his free time on ROBLOX. He stopped playing games in 2013 January, and actually quit for the whole year. As he returned he saw the OD'rs had attacked and the idiocy level had increased and sought refuge inside OT


During his initial days he used to be quite and barely talked.But now he's started making threads. He is still widely unknown as he is a night OTr. He's talked to OTrs personally and on the forums. A lot more people are starting to get to know him.He often makes threads of rick rolls, topics that need discussions or some for fun.In his replies he answers using his brain and actually contributes to the discussion.

Old Siggy

I like making my siggy have references to things that only a few people will get

I like budder on my pizza| "heartlessfreak66"

New siggy

How do you expect me to grow, if you won't let me blow.

Current post count


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