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Creepcruncher is a ROBLOX user who often uses OT. He thoroughly enjoys baiting ATR, twitch raids, and is also rumoured to have assassinated osama wheelie bin using the sword of King Arthur.

Creepcruncher, mid 2015 in OT outift

General information:

Active on OT, Foruming since mid '14, Likes teevee for some strange reason

Containment procedures:

SCP-9999 must be kept in a concrete box filled with acid with lasers pointing at it and stuff and a nuclear warhead in case SCP-9999 escapes and tries to kill stuff again.

[insert generic title]

[insert generic trivia]

Status on OT

Creepcruncher forums on OT. He sometimes uses alts.

Important events of his OT life:

  • First L2D thread: 12/14
  • Discovery of the triforce: 30/01/15
  • ROBLOX false deleting his account 'OTguest': 30/01/15 (RIP)


  • He may or may not have allegiance to Bob.
  • He is involved with clans, but still forums.
  • He has been on ROBLOX since early 2011, but only started foruming seriously mid 2014.

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