CruiserTetron, is a semi-regular forumer on Off Topic. He enjoys doing stupid things, making mushroom-related sprites, laughing at people stupider than he is, and mocking the Jews when he himself is Jewish. His posts are usually met with confusion, mild annoyance, mild happiness, and in extreme cases a level of rage rivalling that of a Tumblr SJW whose ridiculous demands haven't been met by her favorite TV show. He gets his odd username from a game called Hero Core. Most OTers incorrectly shorten his name to "Cruiser", when in fact it should be "Tetron". CruiserTetron is highly disapproving of "clanscrubs", or people that post material that belongs in Clans and Guilds on Off Topic. He also does not like Minecraft, preferring to refer to it as "Mein Kraft" or "Mein Kampf". CruiserTetron thinks that everybody on Off Topic is an idiot, including himself, and has come to terms with it. He repeatedly cites "Bad Rats: The Rats' Revenge" as his favorite game. CruiserTetron also seems to be a big fan of Scatman John. CruiserTetroni s also really bad at writing wiki pages.

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