Cruzymudwulf is a relatively famous OTer (at least, famous to OTers who are actually relevant :/), mostly known for her wacky sense of humor (hah... what? humor????), and for hanging around with her best friends (and maybe more), hambert and heartstrings. She is the de facto leader of the GREEN MAN GROUP. Not to mention, she has been around for ages, starting around 2009 on the account, Crazymadwolf.

Her posting style is kinda like mud. It's clean and it's dirty at the same time. Her posts waver in coherency and consistency, sometimes devolving into manic schizophrenic post-modern non-linear word salads that challenge the reader to deconstruct what a post actually is. She'll often post threads that are (read: painful) obviously trying to stir up controversy to demonstrate the control she has over the forum. These threads commonly revolve around her trying to prove her superiority over others, and commonly start with a condescending question or notion, like "how old were you when you grew out of videogames". Other common topics she posts about include diapers, pooping, peeing, eating lotsa of food, Cronenbergesque body horror scenarios, seeking attention, 100 word essays, farting, spending excessive amounts of money, Family Guy, and feet (specifically her own cute feet). Her posts could be accurately described as π’Œπ’‚π’‡π’Œπ’‚π’†π’”π’’π’–π’†.

Her controversial posts have garnered the attention of the moderators that oversee the forums, and she is now a wanted cyber criminal, having to drift from account to account as they all get deleted.

Despite her idiosyncratic and hyper-aggressive tendencies, she still maintains a rather loyal following, and is generally liked by most OTers. Whether she is really liked or not is up to debate. It's just standard to have that in any description. It has been rumored that she is in a committed relationship with fellow GREEN MAN GROUP poster, Hambert, who she has met up (in real life no less) on multiple occasions.

She now resides on the account kingofthehunks, with her new main krazymadwolf now terminated, as well as her account crozymodwolf.

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