Cubbypower is an Oter that actualy started in RT, But in 2015 went to OT. Though he HAS been involved in some incidents, He Has a youtube channel. he was involved in the fadious x femaleguestreturns incident.

He was making an egg hunt, but he stopped working on it.


One fateful day in 2011, while on the internet, Cubby (his nickname) found out about roblox, he thought it was cool, so he joined, making his account "cubbypower".He played games that were on the front page, and that was about it. However, soon he decided to check out the fourms, and he wanted to post on it. a while later, he was hacked and got 1 warning, and not only that, but one of his places was gone! when he finally got back onto roblox, he found that he could not post on the fourms, and cubbypower went back into the games page, for many years to come...

of course, he soon managed to find a way back onto the fourms, and the rest is off topic history, however, after getting a few bans, he made his only REAL alt so far, Cubbypower2. and after that, he was just your normal oter, although he does know about a "cubbypowers" that is NOT him.


-He changes his outfit a lot, so he also has alot of outfits he made

-His primary group, stormcubby, was a tribute to a group called stormblade, however the group has yet to make a full game, and most of the users are inactive accounts he made to bump up the group members.

-so far, his most complete game is noob simulator, being a 2d game with 2 levels at the moment.


-escape the prison!!1! (a joke prison game with a troll obby)

-hard level (what do you think it is?


Meeting guest 0

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