Cubedcool is an OTer that has contributed over 6,100 posts on OT and counting (technically he has more because of his previous account that had been terminated.) He is now known as "caillouislife"

History of Cubedcool

Cubedcool's first account on ROBLOX was lopeddiper, the post count on the account is currently 1986 and will not grow as because the account got terminated.After the ban in 2012 he has made another account on roblox in 2013 called Cubedcool. Cubedcool has 4331 posts on ot and counting. These two accounts post count together is approximately 6317 and counting.Cubedcool's place visit count is currently 33 and will probably not increase in the next month or year.

Previous alternate accounts

  • lopeddiper
  • MintyGuest
  • ShyDussek
  • MagicalZeeky
  • InternetExtroller
  • iJar
  • Trolltron3000
  • IblockedI
  • YourGeneticdad
  • KuunanClief
  • stieffer
  • FappingToMLP
  • thatplot
  • ALPrivate
  • ImUsingThisUsername
  • reellego
  • cubedcool
  • HowTheWorldWasMade
  • FinityRange
  • FreeblyUser
  • FreeblyUser

==BC Memberships had==

  • Lifetime BC
  • Lifetime TBC
  • Lifetime OBC

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