Cyanmare joined the forums sometime in late 2013, early 2014. She duely took part in OD'ing, a fad which christened her an OD'er early on. She had infamous flame wars with multiple users, mainly other female OT'ers, possibly the most famous feud being with IDTalk/MuffledSpeech, whom she called a "fat trucker who wears black-ass lipstick". In her later foruming years, she took a most serious approach to rile up the community by teaming up with other feminazis and creating multiple, yet clever, threads calling males pigs, deeming that women are underpaid, and that all males were responsible for the 9/11 attacks.

Cyan is currently dating OT forumer Rockytree in real life.

BGT Banning Incident

Cyanmare stated that her first account/main was terminated by the fairly popular OTer BritainsGotTalentRzy for simply calling his Twitter "stupid" for spam posting about people he didn't like. Cyanmare apparently read something negative about her on his Twitter, and the two fought until Cyanmare was terminated and Britain claimed he "spam reported her".

Riley and the OT Plastics

While using her second alt, Cyan met another female forumer named Riley, who was fascinated by the fact that she was rich and from Texas. Cyan then asked Riley to donate money to her, so they could make a group for themselves called "the ot plastics" on the Roblox site. The group is a reference to the elitist group of popular girls from the movie, Mean Girls. They originally planned for the group to be exclusive and only for the "most popular female OTers", but when both Riley and Cyan lost their accounts, it was overtaken by what they called "C-listers" and just general non-foruming Mean Girl fans. Riley and Cyan still talk on Skype to this day.

The group still exists today, and currently has no owner.

Rockytree and Necrophilia

Sometime around when she was posting on her second alt, Cyanmaree, she met the OT'er Rockytree, whom she began to "flirt" with on the forums. Together, they discussed in grotesque detail about how they would make love to each other on "the dead bodies of their enemies. This is what is assumed got her second account blocked permanently.

The Cyan War

Cyanmare posted a thread (on her cyanmaree account) saying women were better than men because of what men had done. The article on this topic is here The Cyan War.

Known accounts:









Rumored alts:



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