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Danipie2 as of 25th October 2014

The only thing he needs you to know is that he got deleted.


  • He cut his hair off a few days ago.
  • He is fat.


  1. His hat with the little horns on it.
  2. Corpse Party.

List of Alts

  • otseikoshinohara
  • otnaominakashima
  • otsatoshimochida
  • otyukamochida
  • otmayusuzumoto
  • otayumishinozaki
  • otyoshikikishinuma
  • otadaliarose
  • rubixheroiscool118
  • skydoesntplayroblox
  • xdanipie1337
  • OTtown
  • DeadloxADHD
  • CapsLockWarrior
  • hawtskaterboiXD
  • AliceDeejay
  • oderbag
  • Absentmindedness
  • MotherOfOT
  • 22over7
  • HiIJoinedIn2014
  • danipie2salts
  • xRin260smother
  • factionalism
  • bandwidths
  • heresthedoor
  • judithpronk‏

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