DapperNarwhal is not to be confused with DapperBuffalo, the Roblox moderator.

DapperNarwhal is widely regarded as one of the most intelligent users on Off Topic, and frequently posts science-related threads. He was one of the most popular OTers in mid 2015 until he took a Summer hiatus, and was mostly forgotten by most of Off Topic. In later months, he regained some of his former popularity and is well-liked by most OTers.

He was IP banned for a week on 5/25/2015 for unknown reasons. He reached his 10k milestone on 10/12/2015, the day he was also postwiped.

DapperNarwhal's signature look is the Narwhal hat, Shiny Black Tophat, Crazy Professor Glasses, a trenchcoat, and the Captain Steelshanks Recruiting Staff.

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