Dasherguy is an forumer on Off Topic with 650+ posts on his account. He joined OT in mid-late 2013. Best known for posting.

List of Accounts


First account Dasherguy has made on ROBLOX. Made in December 30th, 2011. This is mostly known as his main account, since he has never said that he had other accounts back then. He first discovered OT in mid-late 2013 and rarely posted anything, it wasn't until early 2014 where he started to post more often. He mostly reply to other people's threads, and rarely makes any threads.


Mostly used as a backup account, if Dasherguy gets banned or terminated. Made in July 7th, 2014.



Mostly his friends and certain other people. He also likes building.


He hates idiots, filterpassers, and people who spam.


He is mostly neutral to people who doesn't know, nice to people he knows, and hates other people. (As seen above).

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