Davinhi1 Started Posting in 2012 in C7G. Davin racked in about 5k posts during his stay there. In mid-late 2013, Davin migrated to OT, where he gained over 15k+ posts. He is currently active

Youtube Life

Davinhi1 associates with 3 youtube channels. The first one being TheSourceOfTheNile. Second is the Dumb&Dunmer channel, his personal channel with crappy videos, and livestreams like the Dumb and Dunmer Podcast. And the third, Source&Davin, a "high-quality" youtube channel with new high quality gaming.

Relationship with TheSourceofTheNile

TheSourceofTheNile, or Tim, is Davin's best friend. Davin showed Tim OT, and he instantly fell in love, or should I say died of cancer.  

Timothy secretly has a crush on Davin, but Davin being the badass he is, botch stomped him.

Ey bb

Obviously Davin IRL

Relationship with Zason

Zason and Davin's Relationship is complicated. Davin temporarily didn't like Zason during the "Nilfgaard period" where they were on a minecraft server together and fought a cold war against eachother. But after many debates and discussions, Davin's likeness for Zason increased in size. They now destroy cucks together


Davinhi1 is Asexual. Anyone who tries to say otherwise is a fool.

I am great

Davinhi1's Polish Ancestry


  • KSP
  • Old Spice
  • Savinpace
  • Aircraft
  • Medieval P
  • Swords
  • Metatron
  • Being a Dick

OT Chatroom

Davin frequents the OT Chatroom as mwacg1. He is loved by all there, and he is obviously the most famous person on the chat. He is frequently mod there, and everyone loves his benevolence and iron fist ruling.

D life, and had super powers. She quit the story for unknown reasons.

Lenus: Scourge Trials

In the summer of 2015, Davin was heavily inspired by Witcher 3, Skyrim, and his minecraft server he played with Zason and Tim, that he made a story. This story took him about 3 months to write with frequent on and offs. The story is about finding the emperor's daughter for one of two sides, The Scourge, or The Imperial Empires. He finished the story in late October, and is currently working on 3 "DLC" stories.

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