An example of a deletion trap where a user attempts to trick the forum into thinking a formerly filtered word is now acceptable on Roblox.

A Deletion Trap a trick where OP attempts to make people think that the mods unfiltered a word or allowed a certain thing to be posted, have people attempt to try it, and then have users filtered for their actions. Most "baiters" are alts who post a filtered word with alt codes in it (Filterpassing), then tell people that the word is "unfiltered". Those who fall for this trick are usually awarded with a warning or a ban. The OP however will also suffer the same fate or worse as his/her victims do. This is generally frowned upon the OT community and "baiters" will be ridiculed for their actions. 

The Rumor

Filterpassers make a thread that has an alt code in the title to filterpass a filtered word, saying that the mods unfiltered it. Users who attempt to post it will end up getting filtered which can inevitably result in a warning or a ban.

Proving the Rumor False

The rumor can be proven false if one copies the word right from the thread and pastes it in Google.. This will allow one to see the alt code, therefore, proving that the mods did not unfilter it and that it is just another trick from filterpassers.

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