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Deletion by parent request, sometimes known as iMarg'ing to OTers, is when a user emails ROBLOX pretending to be a user's parent and asking to get the user deleted. It has occurred multiple times in OT. The only way to get the account back is to prove to ROBLOX that your parents did not send the request by calling ROBLOX. However, this is not always true. thatGirlMaggy got her account recovered by sending just an appeal.

Only 3 people appealed and got their accounts back, while the others did not comply with the given time.

Victims of PR deletions

  • DiamondDragonair
  • iMargarette (Account recovered)
  • ForumGame (Account recovered)
  • BritainsGotTalent
  • ThatGirlMaggy (Account recovered)
  • MarioTheNintendoHero

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