On March 16, 2014, about 10 users were in the OTchatroom_9 when a user came in with the username deputy_us_marshal_mark_elder. He was there for several hours and finally left. It is widely believed he was real..

First Sightings

At shortly after 3pm EST, the believed marshal entered the OTchatroom_9 and closed the current running video. He then announced that crimes had been committed. After another minute, he announced he was recording everyone's IP addresses and there would be consequences. He was in the chatroom until 7 pm EST, closing all inappropriate video and occasionally giving warnings. 

Fall Out in OT

OT first learned about the US Marshal through icrazy789 (who at the time was using his alt 501stguy because his main was banned). Once he posted a thread about it, panic spread through OT that the OT forum itself would be shut down and that users may be arrested. Some people began to think the Marshal was fake. About an hour later, icrazy789 posted an email he received from the US Marshal Service. Panic resumed. Some people thought the email was fake until another user posted a picture of an email they also got from the US Marshal Service. OT waits to see if anyone will actually be arrested or any other consequences. 

Second Apperance

On an August 28th 2014 evening, 7 and 8 users saw a user with the same name again, except this time, deputy closed every video that played in the chat, and kept on warning before minutes later, saying that the chat would be in review, and then left, even telling people on ot_chatroom9 to "not attempt to play videos"

The users "stoned_doubleswee_with_joint" and such, repeatedly played videos to try and tire deputy out so he/she could not be able to close anymore videos, which didn't work

Third Appeance and Reveal

On November 28th, 2014, deupty_us_marshal_mark_elder appeared again, at ot_chatroom100, and talked about how he was "Tracking IP addresses" and stating that "You are all playing illegal videos". OT'er StreetsofSimCity noticed that the deputy was originally named "cringe_attack." On the ot_chatroom100 party thread, OT'er OTJuice stated the following:

Did you see me? I was having a legit cringe attack there.


StreetsofSimCity deduced that the marshal was actually OTJuice all along, and she admitted it on a thread by saying the following:

YOU BETRAYED ME! Relationships are confusing...


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