DignitysHQ's new account; Aolim.


He is an OTer/RTer who tends to get terminated a lot, his recent accounts are as followed; Funnysad, ForumShield, Kekz, Aolim, Trimetis, MerhabaTR and now primarily KirmiziTR.


He started In RT between 2009-2013. Then in early 2013 he joined OT and he recently stopped in 2015 to join RT. He has many terminated accounts and values post count. The most he has gotten one an account is 7.4K, but in estimate the most posts he has had altogether is roughly 84K.

Influences on OT

  • Was a Rebucks moderator for 10 months until the site went down
  • Accused of running a keylogger website (OTSlums), this was proven to be a false and Boynedmaster had even admitted he was joking

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