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Dimethylmercury (often called Dime) is an OTer known by many, but not known for any specific reason.

Just known for being there. Dime is not really rude or mean, unless he has just had a bad day, or something bad happened, such as his Mysql database breaking and losing a lot of data.

Dime is a confirmed ID god.

Who is Dimethylmercury?

Dime is an OTer, who's previous main foruming account was ip banned. Dime strives to be friends, and make no enemies.

Dime is a sort of avid gamer who creates some youtube videos and plays games on his steam account, such as Portal, GMod, War for the Overworld, XCOM, Civ 5, and more.

Dime ran multiple Minecraft servers for OT.

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