Gazpacho is nice.

–- Apron, circa 2017

Dirty_Apron is a very infrequent forumer. When she was quite active (2014-2015) she often posted about events at school, and took part in Dubtrack parties, mainly in summer of 2016, and is noticeable for making the Pizza Kids a popular meme of that time period. She played as a Guest on occasion from 2009-2012 until she finally made her first account in March 2012. Apron's account was a shared account between her and some friends until 2014.


  • Apron loves fruit.
  • She plays guitar very frequently.
  • Her favorite colors/colours are black, yellow and green.
  • She likes cats.
  • Despite being partially Finnish, she has little knowledge of the language, but is fluent in Norwegian.
  • Apron is ambidextrous, but mostly uses her right hand as her writing hand.
  • Apron is 13 years old.

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