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Discord is a free text and voice chatting service made to be a free and more efficient alternative to similar programs such as Skype and TeamSpeak.

It has been used by OTers for easy communication as most links to it are not censored.

Notable Servers

Running servers aimed at OTers that are relatively active.

Editing: Add somewhat active servers only. Invite links should only be added if approved by the server management. Adminstration should be formatted as displayed name (actual username if nicknamed) - ROBLOX account - role.

Roblox's Off Topic

"Roblox's Off Topic" is the "main" OT Discord, run by Boring. It was created after OT's shutdown notice and currently is the biggest and most active OT server.

That One Roblox Server (Dacardmaster)

"That One Roblox Server" (formerly "Roblox OT Discord (Take two.)") is a Discord server run by dacardmaster. It is relatively active and is the largest known public OT server. It has been since changed into a general server, but is mostly populated by OTers.

There was a first installment of the server that no longer exists.

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