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His username was created when he was 10 so he has a childish username. He joined in November 2014. He prefers to be called his abbreviated name: DCwV2. He seems to be growing in OT. He happens to be both a morning and night forumer. He is one of the known Filipino OT'ers. He had the bad case of try hard and trying to fit in when was a newbag. He is now a dedicated OT'er who rarely forums out of OT. He likes to make and post on Scenario, L#D,etc threads. He is more of a lover than hater. He's a 13 year old now. Whenever he is bored he just goes on OT and have a great time. He's so fab. He also had BC Monthly from December 2014 to January 2015. He has been accused of an OD'er and didn't use the old "OD'ing is not a look, It's an action" but he then dressed in an other way. He joined later 2011 in his old, deleted account. He likes to play in Personal Servers and likes to explore front page games.

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