Disorbed is a forumer on the Off Topic subforum. She was previously known as iDarrick who was known for her edgier forum posts. She left OT for about a year, visiting ATR frequently before ultimately returning to OT. She was formerly known as the Urinal Quickscoper of OT due to one of her older siggies and an old l2d thread.

Game Development Career

Disorbed has been working on 3D platforming games in her free time. Her project Disventure has been hyped among the small community in which he works in, even being recognized by Polyhex who is considered the father of the 3D platformer genre on Roblox. She is also involved with Golden Crown Studios who has gained attention from many notable Robloxians such as Polyhex, Vurse, and MisterObvious. She is a map maker for the GCS fighting game project.


  • Disorbed's siggy is one of the opening lines of the comedy anime Space Dandy's intro.
  • Dis has gotten attention from the mod Legoseed from a drawing she made for him (Even if he believes the art was extremely bad for his skill level)
  • Disorbed is a Homestuck. Burn her at the stake.

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