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A OTer who joined right after the day he made his account. Not much of a special person, i'll tell you that, But he loves playing the villan or hero

anytime. He likes to be called "The Editor" because he vandalized Super79mario's wiki page. (Quite sad since they both are best buddos.) He rarely goes on rt, only for christmas in which case he feels all warm and fuzzy inside. He is mainly liked by others, but there's always people who will still call him a crapposter.

Also he is still afraid of asking his crush out because of "Rejection" and stuff like that

He also has other people he likes, GuestsLovePizza, Luigi (forgot name sorry), Skyaotic, paperm00n (i think that's how you say it.) Rural, super79mario,

oddblooger, clara, sankoro, etc.


  • He used to be supers "Doppelganger" but they don't mention it anymore.
  • He originally wanted to go to ATR/RT and be named DoctorPanda/Pwnda
  • He joined near the time cyanmaree's nudes were leaked, which is weird.
  • He joined OT since it sounded like a good plan
  • He likes to usually go on Twitter wasting his time.
  • Luigi once told him that he was the hero to OT, and he knew that was a lie.

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