Doge is an internet meme that is generally frowned upon by the Off Topic community and considered an overused dead meme. There are, however, some people who support this meme either seriously for satirically.


Most instances of the Doge meme in Off Topic are in troll threads such as "Bow down to Doge, your new overlord", or the usual "wow, such [x], very [y]".

Respect in OT

Doge is generally frowned upon in OT and panned by OT'ers for being overused, leading to some calling it a dead overused meme and bashing others who post it or like it

Doge "Takeover"

Sometime in late 2013, former ROBLOX staff member Shedletsky changed the content of his blurb to ASCII art of the meme, many of the front pages eventually got pictures relating to doge and doge replacing a certain word in the game's name, some of the subforum names had certain words replaced with doge as well, except for OT

OT's Reaction

Most OT'ers called OT a safe place from doge, while some started spamming the same ASCII Art of Doge seen in Shedletsky's blurb, most likely to annoy the OT'ers who disliked Doge, many users from other subforums also crawled to OT from annoyance of the doge meme from the subforum they are usually in.

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