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Dogelold is a slightly-known OTer who occasionally forums. Today, he isn't a very active OTer, having mostly left OT for 4chan's /pol/ and /r9k/. Dogelold is often informed that he talks about 4chan too much. He is known for his group, The Cult of Dogelold, and shitposting on OT. Some people take his name seriously and accuse him of being a memer child, but his name is for the sole purpose of ironic meming.

On OT, he takes part in occasional raids disguised as OT parties.

Dogelold has been posting on OT since 2012, but he was quite inactive in 2015. From 2012-2014, he posted from a different account, before deciding to stop risking his (now old) main for OT banter.

The Cult of Dogelold

The Cult of Dogelold is a group that belongs to Dogelold (officially owned by GuestsAreNotForXmas) that is dedicated to the worship of Dogelold. As of 01/01/2016, the group has 71 members.

The Cult of Dogelold was created in 2014 when Dogelold began partying OTers and giving them death threats. Several OTers then followed him into his place and decided to dress like him. They later raided Starbucks and a group was created by GuestsAreNotForXmas.

In late 2014 and early 2015, The Cult of Dogelold (with help from other OTers) raided multiple businesses around Roblox, such as Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts. Several high school places and war clans were also targeted by the group.

After Roblox made a new rule that allowed them to ban anyone who posted a raid thread on OT and Dogelold became inactive, The Cult of Dogelold started to quickly decline. With the dawn of 2016, Dogelold has become somewhat active and decided to attempt to revive The Cult of Dogelold, but he and his group are under constant threat of punishment by the Roblox admins. Dogelold has hosted a somewhat-successful, non-cult OT raid at Sizzleburger and disguised the raid as an OT Party.


  • Dogelold's 2012-2014 account was called "Epicborn1337". It was his old main.
  • Dogelold has a new main, known as "WhiteEuropean".
  • He's 14 years old.
  • Dogelold was originally used as an alt account for hacking with Cheat Engine.

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