DominusFeline is a decently active OTer. He has somewhere around 5,000 posts and counting. He is rather well known for his iconic 8 bit Mario hat and his t-shirt posing Mario with a bag of bread labeled "Bowser's Sourpuss Bread", a scene from the game Hotel Mario.

History of DominusFeline

DominusFeline joined in early June, 2014 and began OT some time around late March or early May of 2015. He first started as LemonOtter and wore his iconic Crash Test Dummy outfit. As time went on he later renamed himself "SnipedByDoge" Because he liked the doge hat at the time and he played a lot of shooters. Then he went by "JonTheArcher", representing his real name (Jonathan) and his favorite activity (Archery). He has had no deletions before, the highest moderation he had ever received was a 3-dayer.

Discrimination against pop culture happenings.

DominusFeline can be found on a lot of serious controversial threads, involving things such as feminism, religion, LGBT, etc.



DominusFeline strongly believes that both genders should have equal rights and supremacy should be eliminated as a whole


DominusFeline supports LGBT but does not obsess over it. He really just supports it and doesn't get hugely involved.


DominusFeline strongly disagrees with religion but supports spirituality. He thinks that religion turns spirituality into a bunch of laws that really make no sense. He believes in the universe as a god.


  • He is a HUGE Super Mario fan.
  • He is 13 (as of June 28th, 2015)
  • He has been a sport archer since June 28th 2014
  • His favorite game in the Mario Platformer franchise is Super Mario Advance 4, the GameBoy Advance remake of Super Mario Bros. 3 for the Nintendo Entertainment System.
  • His favorite Mario & Luigi (RPG) series is Bowser's Inside Story
  • His favorite band is Steam Powered Giraffe, a Robotic Pantomime act.

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