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DrForce (Also known as Loganog on Steam, or just simply Logan) is an active OT'er starting around late 2013-Early 2014 with around 24k posts (As of 2/20/16). He is also a Junior in high school. He's often seen posting around OT throughout the day if he's not already in a game, Though he mostly much prefers Night OT as it's a bit more peaceful. His favorite games are Europa Universalis 4 (A grand strategy with around 1000 hours in) and Team Fortress 2 (A FPS with around 3000 hours in).

ROBLOX History

He originally started in September 2010 as Zerobloxer8 prior to the account being hijacked around August 2012. The account Stick84paper was created afterwards, which was terminated for false accusations of game theft exploits. DrForce was created afterwards and that is now the only account he uses on a daily basis.


DrForce has not been directly involved in any incidents. He has witnessed some incidents, such as the Second OT Tiger War and multiple Termination Day incidents. There was an initial claim that he was part of an OTermination incident, since he was banned the day it took place. However, the ban occurred prior to the event taking place. This was not the first account before he made DrForce, He originally made 3 ALT accounts back in 2010 and 2011 respectively but has since lost all 3 accounts due to forgetting both the usernames and passwords.

Vacation/Break from Off Topic

Between late June-September, He got tired of Off Topic and left, blocking all of ROBLOX (Including OT) from his computer. Soon making a return, leering in September and making an official comeback in October. There is also has been several times between April 2016 to January 2017 where he would be not active at all or rarely active, Posting usually once every 1-2 months and has since then, gone more active.

Thoughts on other OTers

He really doesn't have any particular thought on OTers due to the lack of activity before, though he still has some nice opinions on others, such as boring, FloralTigress, DapperNarwhal, and paylay.

Interest outside of Off Topic

Outside of OT, he has several different interests, such as Video Games or Vexillology, though his favorite interest would have to be history (Mainly from around 3000 BC to 1500 AD) and Astronomy, with topics such as TRAPPIST-1 ( ) and I Zwicky 18 ( )

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