Drakeh, self described as “drakeh, the worlds ok-est mter/oter.” (from his twitter.) is a slightly popular oter, and a surprising popular “Music Talk”er (now renamed to “Pop Culture”).

Drakeh is normally known for a sense of humor and a lack of grammar.


Despite popular beliefs, Drakeh’s username does not come from the rapper Drake. His real name is Drake H. Drake first appeared on the forums in spring 2014. He became fairly well known in OT then slowly moved into Music Talk (Now Pop-Culture, and became popular there). Drake comes on OT and PC every once and while now.

List Of Alts

  1. Somefx
  2. Drakehh
  3. Drakehv2
  4. Lessthandrake
  5. Dadsbandnj

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