Dtownboy is an infamous OTer that joined OT in 2014 and harassed Akrylix.

Against Akrylix

Dtownboy was an enemy of Akrylix and often harassed and bullied him in the forums. On 7/24/14 He Dwarlon, Zach and others flamed Akrylix and successfully made Akrylix quit for a few days Many edited pictures created by Dwarlon and Dtown were used to accomplish this. When he came back, they stopped harassing him. Rarely would Dtown and Dwarlon flame him again.

After the flame war, Dtown became friends with Akrylix and started advertising his places. One included an ad to his "Muh barn" place. Dtown also won in the BrickBattle tournament of 2013.

​ Termination

On 9/2/14, Dtownboy was mysteriously terminated for an unknown reason. His account was nearly 7 years old at the time.

His new account was discovered on 01/03/15. His name is currently "dtownman" and he is currently head of a group called "manta ray diner". He ran ads on the group which lead to his discovery

His appearance is the exact same as his old account before it was terminated

When he was asked how he got terminated he only replied

I don't know. They didn't give me a reason as to why I was deleted. The note just said "You have violated many ROBLOX rules, Your account is now deleted

–- dtownman

However Dtown did say that it probably had something to do WAY before the Akrylix Flamewar [Major]
My Conversation with Akrylix02:53

My Conversation with Akrylix

Dtownboy's coversation with Akrylix. Note the fact Dtown was making his voice high-pitched to annoy Akrylix. The call was secretly recorded by Dwarlon.

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