An in-progress party. is a website in which you can create rooms to watch videos and listen to music with other people. Some users have been banned for posting links to parties, such as ToySackboyLBP2 . OT migrated to the site after unfortunately had to shut down. In March 2016, went back up as a sandbox version, causing many to host parties there instead of Dubtrack, but people soon gave up on Plug and went back to Dubtrack and it is the more popular site to this day.

Notable Parties

Most Popular Parties

  • /join/the-ot-room-2 (ToySackboyLBP2 /michaeljackson) (Most Popular)
  • /join/ot-party_144354622356741 (cooper135/tobyfox) (First known dubtrack party)
  • /join/ot-dubtrack (cooper135/tobyfox)
  • /join/ot-movie-night (thediamondlava)
  • /join/ot-party-niggass (huenator)

Other Parties

  • /join/ot-germany (TheTrashpostlngCan/adolfhitler)
  • /join/le-dubtrack-ot (AWCMONPEOPLE)
  • /join/ot-trackdub (Sambergers/Minimumwageworker)
  • /join/otpuppy (3DSPuppy/Puppy2233)
  • /join/colingsnyderhotmailcom (drslicendice)
  • /join/ot (soccerman611)
  • /join/buck-bumble-is-god (deadpandipper6567)


  • /join/the-ot-room-2 is the most popular Dubtrack OT room in general, having 25 people in it on June 10th, 2016, this party was also one of the longest Dubtrack OT parties, lasting around 12.5 hours. The record for this room is almost 15 hours.
  • /join/ot-movie-screening_145295797224439 is the most popular movie night party, having 26 people in it on February 13, 2016. (Hosted by NuclearRisk.)
  • /join/the-ot-room-2 once had the creator of Dubtrack (IAmBubbles) in this party, he claimed he was just "looking for rooms he had not yet joined."

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