Dwarlon joined in 2010 on account "legoboy973". It is unknown why he swapped accounts.

Dwarlon had his 15 minutes of fame when he took part in the Dtownboy vs. Akrylix flamewar. He created many edited pictures of Akrylix. Despite the hate Dtownboy got, Dwarlon is still accepted into OT, although remains not as well-known.


Dwarlon today.

Use of pictures

Dwarlon has created many pictures depicting Akrylix and many others. Using Imgur, he successfully helped spark the Dtown Vs. Akrylix flamewar.


Another Akrylix image.

Often times these were uploaded as decals, and most were deleted within a few hours of the post. He was once accused of making the fake "CiaratheDragonborn" account, as the shirt was in his inventory, but he claims that it was for one of his friends.

Making of troll games

Dwarlon has created many places, usually to troll other users into joining.

Dwarlon IRL

One of Dwarlon's many trolls. He said this was his leaked IRL photo.

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