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Dynerov is an OTer who joined ROBLOX in 2014 (Originally, 2012), and is well-known for being rather unstable about The Hated One, Mr. Dynerov, Agent 47, Borderlands, and Explosions. Especially violence. He apparently lives in multiple places, like Fyrestone Depot, Hell Prison, and also a mansion overlooking the snowcapped peaks of Australia.

He has been known for being rather odd.

He also has 82 toes (on each foot), 4 fingers (on each hand, pinkies are gone due to him being formerly Moe Muskrat (Also known as Moe Lester), fired from Disneyland due to reaching in pockets.), 2 eyes, 2 thumbs (Sometimes up), 2 ears, 2 legs, 2 hands, 2 feet, 2 arms, 2 elbows, 164 toenails, 8 fingernails, hair, and he's got glasses. He also has a pet named Explosion, named after his favorite pastime, "Explodiating people and getting arrested for using a destructive device improperly", which is normally called "The reason why Dynerov is in prison".

Dynerov's Aliases

Mr. Dynerov - Owner and Founder of D&F Munitions. He has been known for yelling at people about explosions and legitimate death.

Agent 47/Hitman - The reason why his profile picture is cartoon-like Agent 47.

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