EPICFACEHEAVENalt is an OT'er who originally joined ROBLOX in June 27th 2012, he respects OT'ers and is very rarely a jerk (it may seem he is but he is most likely joking) to anyone in the Off Topic community. His average thread is about anything in general, himself, ROBLOX, or Off Topic in general.

His Siggy is: "Orangutan The True" which he decided to make it that because of an L2D thread he saw demonshadow553 made. It can be seen here:

He is leaving OT on the day Tix Removal happens, he does not like the removal of tix.

However, he has decided to return however EPICFACEHEAVENalt and EPICFACEHEAVENaltalt were terminated and now he forums on EPICFACEHEAVENalt2.

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