EXcellent joined Roblox on Febuary 22nd, 2009, at the age of 11. He started foruming in OT in the last week of December 2009 and in LMaD in the beginning of January 2010. He achieved notability for both his posts, his name, and his personality, and gradually became well-known, first on LMaD in 2010, and then on OT in 2011.

He is one of the most well-known OTers (and possibly forumers) of all time due to his massive post count of over 80K, however he only is semi-active on the forums, devoting more time to Steam, SomethingAwful, and college than Roblox nowadays. He has quit OT entirely as of March 2016, citing a worsening community, increasing amount of trolls, and intra-forum drama as the reasons. He is now an RTer.

Sadly, he doesn't come to OT very much any more. Now he hangs out in RT(that traitor!). He decided to visit OT some time I don't know how long ago, and for some reason (besides suspicion of being a furry), there was a huge crapstorm of flame directed at him, which he was too confused about to give a crap.

IMG 0758

Latest known IRL of EXcellent. Taken June 2016.


  • Kyle121123
  • Straightened
  • Intruding
  • QYM

Other alts of his are known to exist.

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