EditSucking (The Documentary)

Suprised mii

EditSucking is an OTer who joined on December 31st, 2010, but on his old account legopancake49. But, he only started foruming in early may 2015. EditSucking currently has like 7.3k posts as of 12/27/16 (WOW GUYS) and he has been banned because he is a bad boy


On July 27th 2016, he made a thread called "can I have an ot waki pagje"


So, in retaliation, he made his own wipki page.

Likes and Dislikes


  • Building
  • Amine


  • Reddit

Ban 1.... OterMinateion X 0.....

One fine day the user EditSucking got a ban thats iit

Ban 2.... OterMination X 15.....

One fine day the use EditSucking was being cool as usual.... But then. something strange happened... He had been banned....

OTer Scale

Grand Quality Level (1000+ cool points)Fastlane250 StreetsOfSimCity boring DapperNarwhal Tappier High Quality Level (500+ cool points) legoseed suckingisok1/thaistandardsoap Helmaroc_King lagio Astrain1 kistvaen slaya Swowe Bumpbot thelegoboy8732489 Puppy2233 3dsPuppy raceman6743 green man group casarela Avecys Lelforumingalt/epictinboy bboopoop Slurpeguy Joe11Joe99 Average Joe (10 - 499 cool points) Chiliad LuckySquid Roberate GOLDENLUIGI 666comeback gulliblechap Cudbert Kyvk xJayMaster Muunswirl tardysauce phenomenologist national_security kookahburrah sage296 deadrat_man rikitheheropon bonnie445545 deadpandipper6567 Middle (EditSucking because he cant give himself cool points!!!) Nerd (less than -100 cool points) Peachy321 iamjonroncinabon MuffledSpeech Fadious crystal_castles UnknownShipper2 Poelar OtherNigel exstrimist YungSmoke Super Nerd (less than -500 cool points) 3DSdash Alex50529 Ereleon FlaminMetal enderkev Bery Big Nerd x'DDD (less than -1000 cool points) IronGuest Catboy Irredeemable (lost all rep...) Moris charisk NeuroByte oter

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