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Early OT Life

In November, 2015, elderlyantonioyates made his first thread on ot. It was probaly some MLG parody hecause I liked those things at the time. He got 0 replies. Subsequently, he hanged himself (he used a gallows knot rather than a hangman knot, so that allowed him to be saved without becoming a vegetable).

He Rejoined OT

Around March 20th, 2016, elderlyantonioyates went back to OT. He mainly focused on baiting (at the time he would've referred to baiting as trolling), and he specialized in anti-atheist and racist threads. Interestingly, elderlyantonioyates posts rapidly, and he often turns to bandwagons after he uses all of his quality thread ideas.


Elderlyantonioyates was terminated ~10:00PM CST on April 9th, 2016, due to a poison ban (in which he says it was triggered by his brother).

He now forums on many different accounts with "GravityAttracts" in the username.

Elderlyantonioyates has been poison banned twice in a single month.

He has alotted over 4k posts across all of the accounts he has EVER forumed with

He tends to make his avatar look simple, due to bandwagon

He has succeeded multiple times at deletion traps

He considers himself a grade-A swordfighter on ROBLOX

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