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ElectricBlaze as of March 9, 2013


ElectricBlaze is a figure shrouded in mystery. Nobody knows much about him, but when he shows his face, people look at him with awe bordering on reverence. He is an extremely intelligent person who never fails to demonstrate

this. He is also very handsome, and a sly humor can often be found from his otherwise intimidating person. He is an editor on the official Roblox Wiki. He also finds the country Britain funny, for some reason.


ElectricBlaze usually forums under four varying personalities.

  1. He can sometimes be a troll. At these times he can be slightly infuriating, as is his goal. He contains a vast army of alternative accounts that could range anywhere from 500 to 2,000. Nobody truly knows when it is him trolling them, and he is always amused by this.
  2. Sometimes he is known as a comedian. He is funny and charismatic at these times, and he has never failed to make someone crack a smile.
  3. He is also an intellectual. He contains a vast knowledge of everything ranging from computer science to history. When he is dragged into a debate, it is very hard for him to leave.
  4. All of the above. This is perhaps the most intimidating.

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