No one is really sure..maybe God is just a symbol of faith people look into for hope so no one loses their mind, just to have someone who loves you, as their own.


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2/13/15 - 2/21/15

A casual OTer, only visits occasionally for entertainment. Loved by those who know him. Most of his threads are trolls.

Elinon is known to love cartoons, popular music that's not Miley Cyrus', and a certain Anime known as Dangan Ronpa: The Animation.

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Although Elinon is usually sophisticated, and has a higher hierarchy than most OT, he can be very immature and bipolar.


A newer but still old look.

Lol, shut up.



BurningiceX has been known to agree with him on some occassions.

He has been known to assist NickTheWoodenToaster's thread.