EmergencyLanding is an OTer that joined on Aug 19, 2009. OT has mixed opinions on him, and he is semi-obscure. Some call him a "cringy atheist autistic dubstep listener" while others say he is a great OTer.


He joined OT in mid-to-late 2014 after leaving forums altogether in 2013. He used to be a cringy RTer in 2013, and was immediately called an ODer upon entering RT. After joining, he quickly became a horrible memer, but later changed his user to LargeBurger, and after that, seemingly transformed into another person. He later changed his username to EmergencyLanding in early 2015, and since then has retained relatively the same personality. He revealed that he did indeed have autism in early 2015, but most people didn't care. He also recently revealed that he was allergic to penicillin on a thread titled "OT, what are your allergies?" Recently, his IP was leaked onto OT. Someone immediately messaged him with correct info about where he lived. He was later found out to be changing and raiding wiki pages, specifically the page of a use titled robloxisfornoobs21. His IP was found via the OT wiki page of previously mentioned robloxisfornoobs21.

this page is a work in progress

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