On 3/25/2015, OT was having a bandwagon with thread titles being "thank god I haven't been shipped yet", among others. User EmergencyLanding claimed he would do it, but no one really noticed. Later, he posted a thread with an alt titled "SKYOATIC X BRADYBOT X THEOFFTOPICER SHIPFIC" on 3/25/2015 at 5:36 PM Pacific Time. In it was a pastebin link to a "fanfic" with extreme levels of pornography and sexual content. He did this several other times before the alt was deleted, and then he did it on another account without the mods noticing. Around 2 of the threads were deleted, but most of them are still up. I can link you to one, though...

This thread contained more pastebin links to his "fanfics" and you can see the reactions of the OTers. Surprisingly, the thread was not deleted, nor did EmergencyLanding receive any moderation/warning.

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