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ePupIndustries (commonly known as ePup) is an OT'er who is often posting about what is on their mind can easily be recognized by sight because of her turkey hat she calls "Squibbles Franklin Jr." (see paragraph 2) Despite her common appearances in OT parties, she is rather unknown. She enjoys the Harry Potter and Percy Jackson series, and as of October 2014 she has checked the Movies/TV/Books section to see if it mentions one of her favorites. ePup has revealed herself to be the age of nine, yet no IRL has been given. ePup joined the forums in March 2014, went inactive for a while, then after introducing her friend to the forum came back and peaked 2k posts.

Squibbles Franklin Jr.

Squibbles Franklin Jr. (little Squibbs) is a name given to ePup's turkey hat. ePupIndustries has pubically stated that little Squibbs is male, confirming so as she always refers to it as "he"

The first name originated from the Indian hero Squanto, whom taught the pilgrims to farm and hunt. He also brought Thanksgiving to the land, hence the name "Squibbles" was given as ePup thought it was a cute nickname for Squanto. The last name, Franklin, was because during an OT Starbucks raid, while ePup was introducing an OTer to the turkey  they began to shout "FRANKLIN" The Jr. was added because of the tturkey being according to ePup "a child".

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